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Japanese translation company

Expertrans – Japanese translation company top quality in Vietnam.
Wave of investment by government, corporations and individuals from Japan to Vietnam to grow strongly over the last one decade is a big opportunity for Vietnam businesses to find partners and learn production methods advanced manufacturing and modern techniques in the world.
In the coming years, the number of Japanese investment projects in Vietnam promising further breakthroughs thanks to the improvements in terms of investment procedures, business environment of openness. Along with this trend, the field of translation and interpretation Japanese will play a very important role as a bridge between the two countries. Expertrans proud to be Japanese translation company top quality in Vietnam.

Japanese translation company

To ensure the quality of each translation, from the receipt of customer documents until delivered translations are performed and controlled in accordance with standard procedures and be supervised by expert project management of Expertrans. This process not only ensures the quality of the translation, the security but also enhance job performance, time control assignments on time, as required to each customer.
Expertrans translate Japanese documents for more than 30 majors as medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, computer, construction, cosmetics, finance and banking, website translation and localization of software content, literature market, marketing … .We have experienced translators to translate for each specialty to ensure service quality and the best speed.
To receive your documents quote, please contact us immediately via hotline (+84) 92 605 1999 or email sales@expertrans.com. We are always ready to advise and support customers 24/7!


Address: No. 62, Lane 19, Tran Quang Dieu St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone : (+84) 4 7303 8899 – Fax: +84 4 62 85 84 46
Hotline: (+84) 92 605 1999
Email: sales@expertrans.com
Website: www.expertrans.com or expertrans.vn

Address: R11.01B, Vietnam Business Center Bulding, 57 – 59 Ho Tung Mau st, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, VN
Phone: (+84) 8 222 022 89
Email: hochiminh@expertrans.com

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